Terms of Use for LWFDistilling.com

Age Restriction

The sale of alcohol products is age restricted to 18 years old and over in New Zealand. By using this website you are legally declaring you are of drinking age and can purchase alcohol from this site. 


This website has been created to sell products online. Users are welcome to view web pages and to share content. Site users are to be aware that the content and branded images are the sole property of LWF Distilling and use or unauthorized replication of the material is protected by copyright regulations. Site content may not be used to bring the owner of LWF Distilling into disrepute of any kind.

Correct Information

The information presented on the site is correct as far as we are aware. Any incorrect information is not an attempt to misinform and should not be used as such. Site content may change from time to time as it is updated – including these terms of use, which we advise should be reviewed regularly by site visitors.


We reserve the right to change details and prices as we see fit. We will not, however, change prices after an order has been accepted and paid for.

All prices on this site include NZ Goods and Services Tax. Any items shipped outside of New Zealand will not incur this tax.


Goods will not be despatched until orders are paid in full. Goods are couriered by Courier within New Zealand and may take up the five working days to arrive.

All items are checked for correctness and quality before they are despatched. Any goods received may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receiving if returned in the same state they were shipped in.  Please contact us with any concerns.