We Believe Excellent Taste Comes From The Purest Ingredients

Our spirit is crafted using three carefully selected ingredients – fermented, distilled, bottled and barreled on-site from scratch at our Distillery in Taranaki:

Rain water

Five TimeS Filtered Rain Water

New Zealand Rain Water – filtered five times to ensure we use the purest of pure water – this helps make our rum feel smooth & full in your mouth.

Bundaburg Molasses

Bundaberg Sugar

We only use Bundaberg Sugar in our Distillery to ensure consistent quality. Bundaberg Sugar has the most consistent standards available.

Distillers Yeast

Distiller's Yeast

Our Distiller Yeast has been carefully selected and sourced from Europe by our Distiller to bring enough ‘Rum Funk’ while maintaining a clean fermentation.

Three bottles black sand

Life Worth Funding

The inspiration for LWF comes from a life in the corporate world, a mission to give back to the community, a desire to return to grassroots, and an absolute passion for taste, excellence, living life to the maximum.

Welcome to LWF – our story is not your average journey. I am looking forward to getting to know you and having you become part of our story!

Distilled on site in Taranaki

Our distillery is in Oakura, just south of  New Plymouth, Taranaki – on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Our location plays a big part in how we set up and operate

We hold on site events and Distillery tours – and we are now very proudly part of the Taranaki tourist trail.


White Rum Distilled in NZ

Where to Find Us

An increasing number of bars & restaurants stock and proudly sell LWF Distilling Rum. We have a regular schedule of events around the country – we love having people stop to chat & try the Rums. Find out where the next event is on the button below.

Our favourite events are at the Distillery in Oakura (near New Plymouth), but as long as there’s Rum to share, we’re happy almost anywhere!

White Rum Made in NZ
Feijoa Rum Martini
Limoncello Mojito



Private Events at our Taranaki Distillery

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Planned Distillery Events

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Events around New Zealand







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LWF Distilling was licensed by the New Plymouth District Licensing Comittee on 21st August 2019.


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