Where art meets science – LWF Distillery.

Pot and Column pic
where the magic happens

The craft distillery is where we ferment, distill, blend, barrel and bottle – the whole process – in what used to be a farm utility shed.

The 500 liter pot still is the heart of the operation – it doesn’t have a name yet. I might need some help with that.

The 8 plate rectifying column helps develop the smooth taste and delivers high proof alcohol for the next process.

The still came with a couple of other components – botanical basket (commonly known as a gin basket) and a Rum Thumper. Watch this space as I develop some special combinations.

Farm Life

When you decide to start a business on a farm you have to take care of more of the process. We harvest our own rainwater and look after our own waste. And one day we hope to add solar power and take the whole operation off the grid.

It also means I can grow some of the plants I’m looking at for interesting flavour profiles. There is more than just mint (for Mojito’s) growing at this distillery.